In this article, talks about just how much sleep a body needs to stay healthy and vibrant.

Ellen Caroll has often asked herself this exact question, especially when it comes to helping her family members get the amount of sleep they need. With a son in preschool, a daughter in high school, a husband who works over 50 hours a week, and aging parents, one with Parkinson’s disease, Ellen’s family runs the gamut when it comes to age and sleep needs. Because all of Ellen’s family members have busy schedules, they often forget to put their sleep needs ahead of their other priorities. Not only does Ellen need to convince her family that getting the right amount of sleep is important, but she also needs to figure out how much sleep they really need!

If you’re like Ellen and her family, you’re probably also confused about how to know when “enough is enough” in regards to your sleep. While news media and health organizations are regularly saying to get more sleep, it might be unclear to you how many hours of sleep you should be getting and how to tell if you are adequately rested. Keep reading, and we’ll explore how you can make educated decisions about your sleep and that of your family members.

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